About Us

 As a wounded female veteran, I have participated in my share of events that were supposed to promote mental and physical healing. I was invited to retreats where I could participate in extreme sports, horseback riding, white water rafting, riflery, and more. What I noticed on most of the retreats, was that I was the only female. That was not surprising though. After all, I had served in a unit with a ratio of 1 female to every 250 males. What did surprise me though was how I longed to actually talk about my healing with others like me. I wanted to know that I wasn't alone in feeling un-pretty and insignificant while walking with a cane. But the males didn't talk about those issues. That all changed when I was approached by another combat-injured female veteran, Constance Bell at an event who felt the same way that I did and shared her vision of having retreats for combat injured female veterans with me. While sports were fun and challenging, we felt like spa days and girl time had more healing properties. And we were right! We participated in our first women's retreat sponsored by Challenge Aspen and for the first time, I had a breakthrough in my depression. It took a while for WINC to get it's start, but with the original vision of Constance, myself, and two other strong veterans advocates, three of us came together, (Karen Rowlader, Vicki Baker, and myself) and made it happen. We decided that women warriors needed someone to step up and take on the challenge of helping them to heal in ways that women heal. And while we recognized that the need to service combat injured female veterans was strong in 2009, in 2014 all women needed to be represented, nurtured and cared for. Through time, growth, and experience, it has morphed into WINC: For All Female Veterans; and is not just an organization for those injured in combat or injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, which was the original idea. Thank you Constance for your service to this country and for sharing your vision. And thank you to the Board, both past and present because without your support and ideas, none of this would be possible. And remember ladies, WE SERVED TOO! And that's the message we want to take to the streets. 

Zaneta Adams, President     


WINC: For All Women Veteran’s (“WINC”) mission is to revitalize the female veteran. And WINC is not just for female veterans who were injured or just female veterans who were injured in combat. WINC is for ALL female veterans and female active duty members. Promoting the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the female veteran is one aspect of our organization. With more awareness, we believe more women will have access to the proper health care, the proper treatment for military sexual trauma, and even the proper treatment when going to a VA facility, among other things.  

2017-2018 Board Members

1. Zaneta Adams President/Founder, US Army (Ret.), Muskegon, MI, Attorney 

2. Marian Cindy Meloche VP of WINC, US Air Force (Ret), Muskegon, MI, Senior Assistant at Bayer Corp 

3. Stephanie Mahone, Secretary of WINC, Chicago, IL, VP at Chase Bank 

4. Alexis Hightower, Treasurer of WINC, Muskegon, MI, Retired Walmart Executive 

5. Dr. Sheila Milot M.D., Board Member, Aiken, SC, Internal Medicine Doctor 

6.  Sequita Jackson, Board Member  , Muskegon, MI, Educator at Michigan Dept. of Corrections 

7. Bola Aibinuomo J.D, Board Member, Houston, TX, Bilingual Educator Houston Public Schools 

8. Kaslena Hussey, Board Member, Muskegon, MI, VP of HR at Mercy Health Partners