About Us

Founded in 2014, our goal is to help bring awareness to the issues facing women veterans nationwide while providing a space where they can live, laugh, and readjust to life after service; while also identifying their tribe of women vets who have their “six”. We do that through our Miilitary Sisterhood Initiative (in partnership with Challenge America), peer support groups, retreats, Military sexual trauma intensive therapy retreats, workshops, summits, and more. 


WINC: For All Women Veteran’s (“WINC”) mission is to revitalize the female veteran. And WINC is not just for female veterans who were injured or just female veterans who were injured in combat. WINC is for ALL female veterans and female active duty members. Promoting the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the female veteran is one aspect of our organization. With more awareness, we believe more women will have access to the proper health care, the proper treatment for military sexual trauma, and even the proper treatment when going to a VA facility, among other things.  

2018-2019 Board Members

1. Zaneta Adams President/Founder, US Army (Ret.), Muskegon, MI, Attorney 

2. Clare Argetsinger  , VP WINC, Newyago County, MI, Nestle/Gerber Corp.

3. Stephanie Mahone, Secretary of WINC, Chicago, IL, VP at Chase Bank 

4. Loraine Rodriguez,  Treasurer of WINC, Hesperia, MI, US Army (Ret)

5.  Diana Aue, Board Member,  Air Force (Ret), Hesperia, MI, 

6.  Sequita Jackson, Board Member  , Muskegon, MI, Educator at Michigan Dept. of Corrections 

7. Bola Aibinuomo J.D, Board Member, Houston, TX, Bilingual Educator Houston Public Schools 

8. Marian Cindy Meloche  Board Member, US Air Force (Ret), Muskegon, MI, Senior Assistant at Bayer Corp 

9. Alexis Hightower, Board Member, Muskegon, MI, Retired Walmart Executive