Scholarship Program

We offer scholarships to women veterans and/or their children (based on certain criteria) that have not or do not have access to a military educational benefit. The scholarship period has closed, however check back in February for more information. We awarded our 2017 scholarship in the amount of $500 to  Patricia B. Congratulations Patricia!

Legal Referral Program

We have referred several female veterans to Williams Hughes PLLC. WINC has also assisted male veterans in receiving their benefits, without the need for legal assistance. WINC President, Zaneta Adams handles her cases with delicacy . WINC has assisted veterans both males and females in obtaining VA compensation to the tune of almost one million dollars since Ms. Adams began working on claims in 2015. 


WINC groups around the nation participate in meet-ups ranging from a casual drink at a local pub, painting workshops, attending plays and music venues, dinners, and more.